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"Because boys and girls... on the internet, EVERYBODY lives next door!"
                                                                            George "Keys" Izquierdo - 10/95
'Z' word of the day; jazzilly: to play in a jazzy way without actually be schooled in jazz music
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Zymondo Studio 'V' is open !

AVID ProTools. MacPro8core, w/16GbRAM, Digi003, softsynths like Moog, ARP, Tassman4, ImpOSCar, Melotron, NI's B4II and more, hardware synths like Kurzweil, Roland, eMu Proteus2000 and Blofeld, Venom, FX, Processors, Preamps and MORE ! Microphones include the Crowley&Tripp with the 'Roswell' ribbon now from Shure... the SM313 Ribbon, AKG's: 414, C1000's, Perception220, Rode: NTV, M3, Audio Technica, Shures and more.

A mid-sized, mid-priced professional recording studio specializing in anything and everything for your ears, from commercial radio ads, television, documentary & motion picture music tracks, and personal recording from childrens music, solo artist, to small jazz & rock groups. (NoRap-Please&Thank You) A clean working atmosphere that's comfortable, capable and affordable. Block time available. Our experience is your best bet !

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Music Technology Classes coming again... soon !

"Music is what I do... it's all I do." Let's do it together. Questions about what Zymondo has to offer ? Call (504) 733-0490 (after lunchtime)

The Great Jeep Trip of 2010 story . . . enjoy!
a.k.a. - Life on life's terms ! Yikes !

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