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Earlier albums from before the "Sony" deal...
only available from Rabadash...

Osborne Orchestra... Doin' Fine '91

Louisiana rain ~ Ma' babe don't care ~ Hell in Holland
Way down, waydown ~ I will surely do the same again
Pleasing you ~ Life's a strange thing ~ Doin'fine
Lonely as I can be ~ Georgia ~ Oh ma ma ~ Kyla

Anders Osborne... Break the Chain '94


1. I'm Back In
2. Time
3. Right On The Money
4. Give It To Me Two Times
5. Break The Chain
6. Having A Good Time Too
7. Now Not Tomorrow
8. Real World
9. Stoned Me
10. Heaven By Seven

Other great artists produced by and/or
performances by Anders Osborne...

Theresa Anderson... Vibes '94


1. Summer Time
2. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good
To You
3. Speak Low
4. Bluesette
5. Swing Low
6. Carey
7. 'Round Midnight
8. Well You Needn't
9. Missin'YOu
10. Brian's Ballad

Doug Duffey... Danger, Sex & Sound FX '93

1. call me up
2. don't you forget about me
3. dangerous love
4. cheap things
5. i won't cry
6. with loosers like you
7. disarmed
8. muscle of love
9. you're my fantasy
10. publicity
11. mansion on the hill
12. burning in water
drowning in flame

Rockin' Jake... Let's Go Get'em '96


1. SeCret NaMe
2. SoPhis Teca Ted Cissy
3. AtTracTed tO tHe Light
4. EveRytHing I Do...
5. PaRadiSe RiDe
6. ShOw Me yOur...
7. BaYou SuNseT
8. Me AnD My bRothErs
9. NeW LoVer
10. BiGGer thAn God HimSelf
11. ThEm sO BaD

More great artists from Rabadash

Johnny Magnie '87 (of the Subdudes)
plays a rockin' New Orleans piano!


1. Cest la Vie
2. Before I Grow Too Old
3. Mentioned By Her
4. Woman
5. Inspiration
6. Black-haired Girl
7. Never See Me Crying
8. It Will Be Me
9. Have A Little Talk...
10. Agent Double-O-Soul

Nora Wixted '88
Before the Feeling is Gone


1. One More Reason To Go
2. Let's Play Games
3. Doin' Me Dirty
4. Before The Feeling Is Gone
5. Rainy Day Leavin' Song
6. Caught Up On You
7. Control
8. Backstreet Boogie
9. The Last Goodbye
10. Life Is A Bitch

Jeff Spence '93
Rockin' Louisiana Man


  1. Rockin' Louisian Man
  2. Idaho Potato
  3. Delta Queen
  4. Freddie's Kitchen Blues
  5. Turn Me On
  6. I'm A King Bee
  7. What Happened To
Our Holiday
  8. Catfish
  9. Good Woman Gone Bad
10. Way Out In The Country
11. Lousiana Showdown

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