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1997 Death Week
Press Release
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by the author
Louie Ludwig

Art work concept by
George Izquierdo
Cory Callender

"Combines the two greatest stories ever told!"
Rev. Ivan Stang

Author, "Revelation X" Founder, SubGenius Foundation

"If Elvis really isn't dead, this will kill him." Tony Kornheiser
Columnist, Washington Post & Author "Pumping Irony"

* * * * * * *
"A strong and warped sense of humor." James Howard
The Fresno Bee

* * * * * * *
"Strange and hysterical, but then, so was Elvis." Mike Harden
Scripps Howard News Service

* * * * * * *
"...most original contribution to the Elvis home library in lo, these many years."
Susan Larson Book Editor New Orleans Times-Picayune

"In the beginning was the War and the War was with God and the War was God...
And out of the dust of the War, God made the first man, Beaver, and into him
breathed the Breath of Life."

Thus begins Louie Ludwig's pithy, profound and hilarious book, The Gospel of Elvis. The Gospel explores the life and times of the King of Rock and Roll in a new wiseguy translation of King James English. Piously tonge in cheek, it tells the tale of how a boy from the poorest village of the land of Plenty became the priest-king of the whole World.

Read the exploits of the King and the prophets who preceeded him: Brother (Buddy Holly), Luke (Hank Williams) and the Duck (Chuck Berry). Follow Him as He rises to fame and power, and is finally betrayed to the wiles of the deceitful Snake (Tom Parker).

- - - - - - - - - - Learn the secrets of the King's Vision. - - - - - - - - - -

This is the genuine Gospel of Elvis edited by renown Elvisian scholar Solomon B. T. Church, sold on the streets at Mardi Gras (see link below) and featured at the 1995 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Now the true story of America's rebel King has been pulished in a new edition by the Summit Publishing Group and is available from your local bookseller or directly from S.B.T.M.C.


To order The Gospel of Elvis by mail,
send check or M.O. for $9.95 plus $2.55 s/h to:
S.B.T.M.C., c/o 409 Elise Ave. Metairie, LA 70003-3849

S.B.T.M.C./Zymondo is the ONLY authorized Web vendor for Summit's publication of

The Gospel of Elvis

Accept no substitutes! Embrace no heresies!

Click here for
Press Release and Speech
August 15th, 1997 Death Week

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  • Unsolicited Plug:
  • While we don't specifically endorse or condemn any particular expression of devotion to the King, we do confess curiosity regarding K-tel Records disc, "The Legend Lives Forever," a collection of Elvis songs sung in Latin by a Dr. Ammondt. Is this a) for real? b) any good? Do we really need to thrill to such favorites as Non adamare non possum ?

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